Chris Pigeon It has not been through the physical manifestation of the product, but rather my knowledge and personal observations of your beliefs and perseverance that serves as a wonderful example of honesty, faith and a large dose of "don't quit" that has impressed me most. I want only the best for you and the success of this product.

Lynn Baker "Abundant Thoughts" always lifts my day and I usually need whatever is written in the message. Bill's PASSION is inspiring and he supports me in my endeavors to be a successful artist. Wonderful product!

Ashley Keys  Although I don't see Bill often, I must say that I admire his compassion at AA and love his singing. It's not easy to get up there in front of others like that. I have never seen Bill in anything other than an uplifting and happy mood. As bad as I have felt at times, he always makes me feel welcome and happy.   Sometimes, when having had a bad or tough day, it's great to listen to Bill go up to the podium and talk and sing. Great voice and personality! It makes you believe that you can do this and be happy!  You are a super person and I would help you in any way I can

MG Johnson I have known Bill since 1997 in a Music Composition partnership. He is one of the most talented and creative lyricists I have ever worked with. I recommend  him in any creation
MG Johnson Recording Studios, Scottsdale, AZ

Lisa Smith     Travel Director/ OnSite Meeting Management........Bill is incredibly intuative. He has a keen ability to listen, relate and relay exactly what another person is trying to convey utilizing UsendU.com. He is imaginative and inventive and extremely inspired. His optimism is contagious. I highly recommend Bill. He cares in all that he does.

Wilson Wyatt    Creative Director/Marketing .....I wanted to write a little about my experience working with Bill Kurasz. I have hired Bill as well as worked side by side with him on various creative endeavors over the past 15 years and these are things that I have come to know: I can count on Bill, period. On anything he says that he can do, to be done well and with complete integrity.

Mark Rivers  Experienced sales and customer service professional......I had the pleasure of working with Bill at another company. Bill was always professional and very hardworking. His attention to detail was superb and he always directed his considerable energy into doing the job well. I would highly recommend Bill and his services to any client looking for top value for their investment.

Ellen Rubach  Bill's work at UsendU is incredible! He is providing us a unique and wonderful medium in which to communicate with others in a very personalized and entertaining way. Take a look at his website and see for yourself. He is truely a visionary!

Dominic Femia Arizona Business Broker at WCI Business......Bill, is one person I can say with all honesty that his "word is his bond". One should not have a fear of dealing with Bill for his personal ethics are impecable. This is a person that if you know him as I have for 30+ years and in all my dealings have never found a flaw in anything he says or has done. 

Kurt Dommermuth.....Bill is a extremely creative and innovative person whom I enjoy working with very much. He is excellent with people and inspires loyalty. He has integrity and clearly is very conscious of his impact not only on a professional level, but personal as well.

Williams Lyons....I've found Bill to be a person dedicated to detail while exuding a clever and creative mind. He"s been both personable and more then capable in every venture I've been associated with him. He motivates people while always moving things in a positive direction. I would work with Bill in anything he would attempt to endeavor.

Don Washburn.....I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Bill for many years. 
Bill puts his heart into what he does. Bill is MY Handyman for life. Others may be cheaper, their is no one else I would rather have taking care of my house. Bill`s honesty and Integrity is rare. Bill treats the property like it was his own, With love care and respect. I recommend Bill to everyone I know, Even those I don`t. Bill your a rare gem worthy of great success.

Steve Strand.......I have known Bill for 10 years now and have always found him to be scrupulously honest and hard working. In particular I have witnessed him work tirelessly and fearlessly toward the realization of his vision.