How To Find Peace In The Midst Of Discomfort?

      You're feeling unmotivated, discouraged, anxious and tired. Your mind won't stop and you just want to feel peace: but your mind is losing control. How do you slow it down?                               

My experience  tells me that faith and fear can not exist at the same time.  My choices were - let go or hang on.  I  made a decision to make a decision. Taking that action relieved some stress. I felt better and hopeful.  I often forget that I'm not in control of people, places and things.  Negative thoughts are incredibly powerful and sometimes impossible to stop. Mindfulness helps you step outside such vicious cycles by teaching you a different way of dealing with stress.  A technique in which one focuses one's full attention  only on the present, experiencing thoughts, feelings and sensations but not judging them.  With practice you come to realise that stress (like pain) is a ‘message’ that tends to melt away of its own accord once it has been ‘delivered’, or felt with full mindful awareness. When this occurs, an extraordinary thing can happen: a profound sense of happiness and peace fills the void.

We read articles like this to know we're not alone and many of us are searching for peace in the midst of chaos. 

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