Abundant Thoughts stands as a positive concept for a positive lifestyle, regardless of what one may be going through. The grails are but a physical reminder of that lifestyle. A reminder that despite any of roadblocks or detours, through affirmation and dedication to "goodness", one can persevere and "live" through whatever they are experiencing. This holds true, equally, in good times, thanking the spirit of your choice for your existence and happiness.  I truly believe that they can benefit anyone who desires an object that can remind them of how powerful and wonderful life is, especially in times of trouble     A "shining light" so to speak.

Grail: something that is eagerly pursued or sought after.

Abundant Thoughts was designed to impact and uplift the lives of others.  A lifestyle for the new paradigm of shifting into authenticity and limitless living.  The growth of one blesses all.  I navigate through this life consciously, creatively and collectively.  I myself play an irreplaceable part in nurturing the world to greater abundance.   This is the beginning of an Abundant Thoughts community of like minded spirits that are willing to support, share their story and engage with others to promote a positive consciousness around the world. I want others to keep coming back and to make a difference in others peoples lives.

What are affirmations?  They are positive statements that describe a desired situation or goal, and are often repeated, until they get impressed on the subconscious mind.  This process, causes the subconscious mind to to strive and to work on your behalf, to make the positive statement come true.  When you know how to use affirmations, you get a great tool for achieving success and for improving your life.  Live Happy!

In any given moment when challenged we can shift the
negative reaction to a positive state of mind.
Abundant Thoughts is a lifestyle.